The Hypersonix Advantage

Rushford Hypersonic (DBA: Hypersonix) is a nanotechnology company that uses Hypersonic Plasma Particle Deposition technology, developed at the University of Minnesota, to produce the only nanostructured coating in the market which is extremely fracture resistant, tough, thin ceramic coatings which are applied to high-wear surfaces such as cutting tools, turbine blades, medical prosthetics and other to significantly extend the product’s useful life.

Hypersonix is setting new standard for coating technology which uses hypersonic speeds (~2 km/second) to ballistically impact the nanoparticles into the surface of the product to create a coating with superior adhesion.  As particles impact at such high speeds they “stick” into the products surface, sealing and protecting it with a super hard thin film coating. The nanoparticle composition of the coating makes it tougher (resists fractures) and more wear resistant (last longer) leading to increased product efficiency and longevity.  The uniquely durable coating is ideal for harsh environments and adverse condition.