Hypersonix comprises a team of aerospace specialists
who design and build hypersonic aircrafts
and space technologies.

Managing Director

David Waterhouse

C-Level Space and Telecoms sectors, tech angel investor, entrepreneur and satellite engineer with 35 years experience in delivering technology start-ups around the world (Australia, Middle East, Asia and Europe).

CTO, Head of R&D

Michael Smart

A world leader in scramjet technology, Michael Smart spent 10 years as a Research Scientist at the NASA Langley Research Center: Scramjet Branch. He is the technology architect of the Wirraway satellite launch system. Michael is a research field leader in aviation and aerospace engineering.

Non-Executive Director


Senior executive, company director and former politician with 30+ years including roles in DSTO and Worley Parsons, She was also President and Board Chairman of Engineers Australia.

Non-Executive Director

Gary Lewis

Gary Lewis is an Executive Director on public company boards in the UK, US and Asia-Pacific, with more than 30 years’ experience in global capital markets.

Non-Executive Director

Ashley Reid

Managing Director at Terra Firma Industries. Extensive experience in emerging markets, specialising in telecommunications and oil industries.

Jenny Franulovic

Jenny Franulovic is an International Space University alumna with a professional services background. She has extensive in-house experience with prominent ASX-listed and multinational corporates in tax risk and governance.

Stephen Lawes

An investor in private equity and venture capital projects in the emerging technology space, Stephen Lawes has spent more than 30 years successfully managing private businesses in property development.

Theodore Dow

With 25 years’ professional experience in funds management and banking, Theodore Dow is the Former Chief Investment Officer of the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).

Russ Morrison

Founder of BMT WBM, Russ Morrison has over 40 years’ experience in growing and managing innovative high-tech engineering companies.



Senior executive in commercial and financial strategy, business transformation and M&A. Experienced in technology, digital, creative, and funds management sector.



Robert Drolet is a Senior Executive with major entrepreneurial-listed corporates in the US, Europe and the Middle East. He has 37 years’ experience negotiating joint ventures, leading M&A transactions, and managing corporate restructures and turnarounds.



Senior executive in the Healthcare and Technology sectors with extensive strategic and operational experience.

Andrew Dann
Engineering Manager

Andrew Dann

Alexander Ward
Vehicle Design Engineer

Alexander Ward

Stephen Hall
CFD and Thermal/Structural Simulation Manager

Stephen Hall





Mission Systems Lead

Adrian Koenig

Senior Mechanical Designer

Daniel Lanigan

Head of Programs

Patrick Taylor

GNC Lead

Timothy Broomhead

Country Manager, Germany

Ottmar Schipper

Nina Patz
Head of Marketing and Business Development

Nina Patz

Accounts Assistant

Leanne Ryan

Erica Lizzo
Head of Accounting

Erica Lizzo

Head of Product

Andy Mulholland

Corporate Co-ordinator

Mary Hormis

Head of Regulatory

Joe Urli

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