Welcome To Hypersonix

Hypersonix, LLC is a nanotechnology company built by a team of enthusiasts, fueled by passion, and focused on establishing the standard for the next generation of coatings. Hypersonix engineers thin film, nanoparticle-based surface modification treatments. We are uniquely positioned to become the global market leader in surface-engineered thin film coatings. Hypersonix’s technology is industry “disruptive” with phenomenal characteristics that are directly attributed to the hypersonic impaction of nanoparticles at 6,000 miles per hour. The implanted nanoparticles, produced by exclusive patented technology initially developed at the University of Minnesota produce extremely fracture resistant, tough, friction-reducing thin nanocoatings.

About Hypersonix

Hypersonix is a nanotechnology company focused on engineering thin film treatments for surface modifications. Our surface coatings enhance product performance by resisting corrosion and erosion, improving fracture resistance, reducing friction, and providing superior wear characteristics and adhesion while significantly increasing the life of the product.
Our mission is to offer coating solutions that enhance product performance impacting customers, industries, and the world.

Meet Our Team

Jay A. Skranka
Jay A. SkrankaPresident
Dr. Margaret Broz
Dr. Margaret BrozVP of Engineering